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Trans-Species Prosody & Elemental Interdependence : InterAnimacy
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The above is a recording of the last meeting, as requested by many of you. I'm also posting the recording as an invitation: a few of us want to continue focusing on, getting involved in, species interrelationship collectively, apart from the usual meetings. Anyone interested in taking part, please let me know. I'll be setting up a Doc we can feed into as we, together, self-organize.



A recap, as a possible option in place of the recording, and as an interspecies proem, followed by an inter-animacy amulet written for the occasion, then a brief bibliography—


Last meeting, I did open up a specific field called, variously, Inter-Aurality, Inter-Animacy, Inter-Intimacy and Zōḗnglish. Though 'aurality' is ultimately too narrow, in that interspecies language is not only vocal but stridulant, tremulous, chromatic, semiochemical, gestural and so on. And the waveform environment is also diverse and dynamic, with boundary, longitudinal, transverse, tortional and bending wave interplay. 'Intimacy' may be too vain, as our new technologies allow us to sense and decipher heretofore unheard and invisible intraspecific nonhuman communication, the eavesdropping may be more like espionage, more appropriative than appreciative and wondrous. On the other hand, 'animacy' holds up well as both the beholding of the aliveness of each other (including letting-be, leaving-alone and understanding not in our terms but those of  others, especially with respect to the 4% of animals that are not livestock and humans, and the 30% of birds that are not poultry) and as a grammatical feature — as the question whether humankind will remain or should remain within the circle of life must be brought home to language indigeneity, in which grammatical animacy is key . (Though modern poetics revived Natursprache to some extent, a whole new dimension is needed.)


Rather than discard the 'biased' term language because it is isolatingly human-specific and anthropomorphizing, I would dehisce language as integral to all species; a phylogenetic logos, if you will; a branch of which — human speech — self-reflexively named after our own vocal anatomy (tongue) and so serving as metaphor for beings who signal otherwise.


Language is the sensory, engaged in prosodic reciprocity. Language is the reciprocity with earth that sustains life


Speaking conspecifically, it's impossible to reconcile human relationships without reconciling our relationship with the earth. And vice versa. In surveys, when students are asked to list they ways in which people benefit the planet, they typically draw a blank (with the exception of repairing our own damage). Inter-Animacy is about filling in that blank, about how to belong, fully, in the total biophony; not about reinforcing and refining our taxa-detestation or self-extinctive drive, for the benefit of all (other) beings.


Inter-Intimacy is an intermixing of several listening practices: deep listening, dark listening, indigenous listening, listening into the potential animacy of language, along with digital listening (through sciences such as bioacoustics, geoacoustics and biotremology that are opening to us a new world of nonhuman interconnectivity on multiple scales and in multiple substrates. (Also including astrophysics, as a storyline, to bring us up to scale.)


Here is who we are. We're gathered around one fire. Presence is the protolanguage from which all language propagates.


While it's perhaps easy to presume the meaning of  'interdependence' is patent and pervasive, and that its ties are positive and sustaining — on the other hand, situationally, "co-arising" may in fact be experienced as fraught, feigned, forgettable or disproportionate; tenuous or tenacious; addictive or absolving; invasive or inviting. It can take the form of revulsion or vengeance, solidarity or separation, local entanglement or omniobliviousness. Nonetheless, it's all we've got for working things out.

Dear ConsonantWithAllCreation,


flower is love letter from dinosaur. Dear Infinitesimal Tremor,   


may all that you put together and compose from then on be medicine now. Dear Pre-Glow,


local PeopleMilkyWayEndosymbionts. Dear eXTRAsLIGHTeXCESS,


how do you do

who is who.


Dear Gas Lumpiness More Or Less Equally Distributed,


drip the spillover color-song from 4-element quartet down your crown to enlight heart space.


Easy As Pie,


no name to magnify no name that will not one day be magnification of name.


Dear EventlessBurst, DearNonOrNotQuiteInhomogeneous,


prepare the Silent Aphid Song.


Dear NothingYetToCatchFire, TooDenseToDot, Dear billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth,


bone conduction of waveform-crests imprinting Elephant padded-feet toe-bones built perpendicular to the ground like the transverse waves on tiptoes rippling at right angles to their direction,


transporting no matter.


Dear nOTHINGwITHwHICHtO, Dear FeaturelessGruelExtremeConditions, DearMuskratQuark&WalrusLepton, DearAntiWhatever,


already no new matter will ever be added.


Dear Cool&TransparentEnoughToEmit, Dear Millions-of-Times-More-Luminous Standard Model,


fear not you cAN'TeVERbEfOUNDoUT.


Dear IsAmAnimism, Dear AtomTotemTotter, RusticRNAworldRedeemerDressedAsAfROG,


beware biotic volcanic ejecta in between births. Dear Spontaneously Arisen Implausibility Parts' Checklist,


it will be about to happen, as all has. Dear Rock That Sunk By Surprise,


DearSunrisePowder, Dear Powered, DearVaultWalker and DearDearDisruptedDustCloud,




know it all. Firsthand. Nothing would be.


The world was MADE for storytellingpeople to live in —

but by birds plants microbes animals and rocks.

Out of generosity, perhaps pity.


Dear Sleepless Evergreen & Vigilant Owl, Dear BearSpouse,


in other words, limbed, budded "embodied abiogony"


by now abiogonic-agonogonygamy.


Dear ClarifyingCrystalCounterexample,


Dear Voluntarily Sacrificed,


99% of the over 5 billion auspices of us-species that ever lived




Into Common Communion.


Dear BloodSuckingSunMadeWhole, DaredevilDiseaseDivinity, WetDryCycleSorceress,


lifeisaprocess not a substance, lifeispresence not a process, lifeisanexuberance notapresence.


That is, constitutively, formatively, consonant.


DearGod Appeaser, Dear SuperstarDebaucher, DearWorshipingTheCastoffClothesOfGods,


like the continuously evolving epic oral tradition of the Whale People meeting the People Whales and mosses colonizing land so there'd be food for terrestrialization of vertebrates.


Dear tOOcOINCIDENTALLYpRESENTtOfEELrEAL, DearImperfectCopyBreeder,


the stress is in the seed, the seeds are oscillations. The competition-for-light-to-come. The seeds stay in the ground to ride out the stresses. Light orchestrates. Angiosperm sex is even more complicated and successful. Dear FranticExoXenoBiogonist,


who'd do anything to be innovative: stop orbiting, replace water solvent with ammonia, change the benign axial tilt allowing seasonal variation to moderately move poleward.


DearGenomeSolecist, Carbon Chauvinist, 


Dear Clot, Dear BirthByFishSlap, dEARpRIDEoFbRAINsIZEtObODYrATIO,


homosome has been restlessly immigrating, reaboriginating since.


Formally the family of that first fluctuation, with feeling.


Life in space without the ship.


Sandwiched by singularities,


any one of us taken alone is interspecific.


We're looking right at many extraterrestrial forms of life our biochemical bias blocks from view. All the necessary parts seemingly separately developed would have had to come together at once. We're not from here. And if not, behind that fact, the Earth's not from here.


This is why it's all here. Define 'it.'


Now the bombardment is the hyperbolic known as info.


Biogenic cosmoi with nothing that can go between.


MisspeltAmnioteBarbarianistBowlOfTheBlood, Dear SiblingReptilomorphs,


we may still however counterfactually actually breathe through our skin.


Hang on.


DearPlayedByLanguage,  pLANCK ePOCH pARTICIPANT wITNESS too intense and dense to form, 


think of something unrelated to anything possible to think of.


Nature, like its inner cosmos, is nature of mind. Feeling as light as helium. Mind is missing from the argument, the way dreams are nature. Dear UndyingUnUnderstanding,


Dear Extremophiles-To-Be,


always back to abiogonic basics for me.




Dear Massless Molasses, Dear Measles and Mumps,


we are not a gift to the earth; that we live, though, is a gift (anonymouslygivenbysingularpresent).


Militarily intimate? Appliances indigenous to us.


DEAR TaxonCatchAll,


been there done that been that is being.


Dear I-was-here-first Synapsid,


host, hostile, inhostilable. anarchic coherence.


in communion, un co munition ing. Comunificence sing(gn)ing.

Vibrant Matter — Jane Bennett


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Resurgence and Reconciliation: Indigenous-Settler Relations and Earth Teachings — John Borrows et al


Biotremology — Peggy Hill, Andreas Wessel


Hungry Listening: Resonant Theory for Indigenous Sound Studies — Dylan Robinson


The Sounds of Life: How Digital Technology Is Bringing Us Closer to the World of Animals and Plants — Karen Bakker


Animacy and egophoricity: Grammar, ontology and phylogeny — Osten Dahl


Chemosociality in Multispecies Worlds — Eben Kirksey


Loss of the human capacity for interspecies communication —

Eleanor Fareedah Danesh


When Animals Speak: Toward an Interspecies Democracy — Eva Meijer


Acoustic Communication May Have Appeared as Early as 407 Million Years Ago — Sergio Prostak


The Promise of Multispecies Justice — Sophie Chao, Karin Bolender, and Eben Kirksey


When Species Meet — Donna Harroway


Braiding Sweetgrass — Robin Wall Kimmerer


Why Interspecies Thinking Needs Indigenous Standpoints — Kim TallBear


Humankind: Solidarity with Nonhuman People — Timoth Morton


How robotic honeybees and hives could help the species fight back — Elizabeth Preston

Elephants Don’t Just Hear With Their Ears, They Get Their Toes Involved Too — Eleanor Higgs


Puhpohwee for the People: A Narrative Account of Some Uses of Fungi Among the Ahnishinaabeg — Keewaydinoquay


The unseen world: reflections on Leeuwenhoek (1677) ‘Concerning little animals’ — Nick Lane


Interspecies communication in bacteria — Michael Federle, Bonnie Bassler


Interspecies Internet —

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