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Robert Kocik        prosody          architecture          writings        Brooklyn NY      robert.kocik@gmail.com        https://www.robertkocik.com          

Robert Kocik is a poet, prosodist, trans-disciplinary essayist, teacher, architect and shared-prosperity activist. In 2006, working collaboratively with choreographer Daria Faïn, Kocik initiated a new field of research called the Prosodic Body, an experiential artscience that collectively explores prosody: the tone, tempo, intensity and total body language of speech, the ways in which words say what they say and say more than they can say. In 2008 he cofounded The Commons Choir, a multi-lingual/racial/generational performing group that draws on the findings of the prosody research and presents socially charged operatic and educational events. Kocik writes the scripts and librettos for the choir and constructs installations and sets to accompany choir presentations. Architecturally, he seeks out projects in “need,” projects with a purpose, social vision or beneficial mission, using methods that countervail the usual violence of construction and exclusivity of the architectural process by working regionally with local materials and crews, traditional skills, site-built furnishings and with client involvement throughout all phases.